ISO6….als ISO5, AC en Digital

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Voeding voor High Current pedalen. Hij zit qua uitgangen (spanning en stroom) tussen de Voodoo lab ISO5, AC en Digital in.
Hij heeft 2 wisselspanning uitgangen met 9V,500/1300MA en meerdere gelijkstroom secties met 9/12V,500MA.
Door middel van de dipswitches schakel je tussen 9V en 12V.
Deze voeding kan bijna alle pedalen die veel stroom gebruiken voeden. Je moet dan denken aan:

  • Tube overdrives,
  • Whammy,
  • Rotosphere
  • Line6 DL4, AM4, MM4, DM4, POD
  • Alle Strymon pedalen
  • Alle Boss Pedalen
  • Eventide TimeFactor,  ModFactor,  PitchFactor and Space
  • Etc……

De 6 gelijkstroom uitgangen zijn 6 individuele geïsoleerde secties.
Overstroombeveiliging op alle uitgangen.
Onverwoestbare stalen behuizing.
Gewicht 930 gram
LxBxH (mm) = 170 x 85 x 45 (Past dus onder een PedalTrain)
Er zitten 6 kabels bij om je pedalen aan te sluiten en tevens een snoer voor de netspanning.

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  1. Anoniem


  2. Niels Schutten

    A good price for good performance. Solidly built. I am using it to feed two high current (350mA and 500mA) pedals, as well as a few low current ones, and this seems to work well, without noise/crosstalk issues so far.
    Note that (at least in my case) some high powered pedals are inverse polarity (i.e. center positive), so you may need some polarity reversal cables/adapters.

  3. Paul McMahon

    I bought the ISO 6 to eliminate separate supplies for a Boss looper, Zoom GX1 and Boss KM04, all of which need 9v DC and (the problem) a Line 6 Variax XPS which needs 9v AC at 2000mA.Although the ISO 6 only gives 1500mA DC, I am pleased to report that it will power the Variax with no trouble, and easily powers the other three with no discernible hum. The construction seems very solid, and I believe it is by far the cheapest power brick which can supply this varied collection of pedals.

  4. Paul McMahon

    Hi, it’s me again! Bad news with the Variax XPS. After five minutes, the XPS unit started buzzing loudly and stopped working. It still works fine with the Line 6 power supply, but clearly it doesn’t like the ISO6. It’s absolutely not the fault of the ISO 6, which is producing a perfect 9v AC, it’s the famous Line 6 lack of compatibility! I only wanted to warn potential buyers that it won’t power the XPS. It’s still a 5 star review from me!

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