Tube Screamer Ts808 and Ts9

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Great pedal with genuine Tube Screamer character. The sound says more than words so have a look on YouTube …. TS808 TS9 DEMON. No further explanation needed.
Switchable between TS808 and TS9. Primarily affects the amplifier behind it. In general, it is said that the TS9 is better on Solid State amplifiers. But this depends on which amp you use so try yourself. You can do this with this pedal and not with other tube screamer pedals.
And yes ……a real true bypass pedal. Even when there is no power connect it lets the sound 1:1 thru.  That’s the way it should be.

9 reviews for Tube Screamer Ts808 and Ts9

  1. Phil (verified owner)

    The screamer ist just fantastic!
    The buttons are a little bit too easy to move but the Sound is like hells kitchen and also a good metallic case Quality!

    Phil from Oberhausen, Germany

  2. AD (verified owner)

    Ik heb een Demon Tube Screamer aangeschaft. De kwaliteit van het pedaal is prima.
    Ik had vooraf vragen over andere pedalen en werd daarin goed geadviseerd door de website eigenaar. Hij heeft duidelijk goede kennis van zijn producten. Ook de verzending verliep vlekkeloos en ook tijdens de zending werd ik goed geïnformeerd.

    Deze website is een aanrader.

  3. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Dit pedaal langs het origineel gehouden en vergeleken, amper verschil te horen. Goed pedaal voor weinig geld.

  4. Aldert

    Deze tube screamer klinkt super! Een kwalitatief goed en betaalbaar pedaal zonder bullshit. Snelle afhandeling, goede communicatie. Kortom: niks meer aan doen. Als dit representatief is voor de andere producten ben ik snel weer terug bij pedals4all!

  5. bushy (verified owner)

    A fine sounding TubeScreamer that does everything it should.
    Housed in a green, sturdy metallic case with a reliable switch, built for the road.
    Absolutely recommended – maybe the best Screamer for the money so far.

  6. Jeremy

    Again a quality pedal for an affordable price, and this one does exactly what an overdrive pedal should do. No regrets and most definitely recommended!

  7. Marc (verified owner)

    Fantastic sound.
    I use it with the drive cranked up to max in front if a clean tubeamp (Fender Deluxe Reverb Clone).
    It delivers a fantastic blues sound.
    For me, it sounds better then my Maxon OD 808, Excalibur Tonescreamer and the overdrive of my Visualsound Jekyll and Hyde.
    The difference between the TS9- and 808-mode is more or less suptile.

  8. Remco

    Identical to 808 and TS9, have compared them side by side. Also nice this one is true bypass.

  9. Theo Bernard

    Great pedal. But don’t pay this price for it… You’ll find it MUCH cheaper on eBay. Search for “MOSKY tube screamer”.

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