SHO…Super Hard on booster



This Super Hard On Booster is an exceptional transparent booster. It gives your guitar and amplifier a lot more ‘presence’, especially when it is a vintage guitar with weakening elements. Due to the high input impedance sound your old pickups as if on the day of their birth.
And yes …. it has the “Crackle Okay” volume knob. Don’t ask me exactly me why that is but if you turn the volume knob you can hear a slight crackling background noise. From the Internet …… The “Crackle Okay” volume knob is a negative-feedback control styled after classic 60’s recording console inputs. (They crackled When adjusted too.)

100% Analog Circuitry
True Bypass Switching
Dimensions: 94mm long x 39mm wide x 32mm high
Power: 9VDC, centre negative