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For many guitarists the OCD pedal is the best overdrive ever made. Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) always uses an OCD overdrive. This clone has the same tone but then for a different price.
This OCD gives you that good solid rock sound often used to set the base sound of your music. Can be used for solos as well although often a Tube Screamer style pedal is thrown in. It reacts very well to the potentiometer of your guitar. It is easy to roll in or out some extra gain while plying.
The LP/HP switch is for Low Peak / High Peak. LP sounds a bit more smooth while HP has a bit more bite. Try it and you will hear the difference.
For the record…. This is a copy, imitation, clone or whatever you want to call it … .The outside is slightly different but the sound is the same.
And of course real true bypass.

12 reviews for OCD … (Clone)

  1. Paul Stevens (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this pedal enough.
    I have A/B tested it with an original OCD Mk3 through my G2 Rig and there are absolutely no noticeable tone or quality differences. Absolutely none.
    A truly, excellent pedal at an unbelievable price.

    Thanks Steven…….superb service and comms.

  2. Peter

    Great pedal, excellence sound, just a Must- Have for all guitarplayers and all that for a very fair price.
    Buy it!
    Thanks Steven for the fast delivery!

  3. bushy (verified owner)

    What can i say that isn´t already said:
    excellent pedal – does it better than i expected – no real cosmetic and sound differences to the Original. The pots work very linear, so no sudden dramatical soundchanges by the turn of 1 mm like all the other Clones I´ve tested.
    Get it, it´s worth it.

  4. Florian (verified owner)

    Well, I just can join in…excellent box for that price plus perfect service and fast delivery, doesn’t get any better than that!
    Definitely worth a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Robert Griese

    I have testet that pedal against the original OCD V1.7 and with some precise setting of the knobs, its the exact same sound!
    With that price, you won’t find a better overdrive pedal on the market.
    Service and delivery happened friendly and withput any problems.

    My choice of buying premium pedals!

  6. Roberto Wattimena

    There was a delay in delivery for about 2 weeks, and Steven delivered the pedal after a week. That’s a great service.
    I’m glad with this pedal and it’s excellent and better than I expected

    Worth trying other pedals from Pedals4all!

  7. Uwe

    Excellent stomp box with great sound, best overdrive since years. Sounds almost the original!!! I can recommend this pedal for 100%. Many thx to Steven for great support and quick shipping.
    Best wishes

  8. Johannes

    great amp-like overdrive/distortion pedal!

  9. Oliver Janssen (verified owner)

    i live in belgium and got the package in like 3days!
    i ordered the ocd and the C8 powersupply both are working perfectly and the OCD sounds the same i love it. thanks Pedals4all, going to order more in the future!!!

  10. Robin (verified owner)

    Great pedal, excellence sound en nice price. Fast delivery. Thanks!

  11. David (verified owner)

    Sehr geil!
    Ich hatte schon zweimal das Original und es zweimal frustriert wieder verkauft. Jetzt habe ich diesen clone und bin begeistert.
    Danke auch für die reibungslose Transaktion und den schnellen Versand!

  12. Marc (verified owner)

    Good pedal, good price, good service!! I received the pedal the day after I ordered it.

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