Mini Tube Screamer

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Great pedal with genuine Tube Screamer character. Is because it has the original JRS44458D chip.
And yes ……a real true bypass pedal. Even when there is no power connect it lets the sound 1:1 thru.  That’s the way it should be.
This is the mini version. Same components as its big brother but compact build. This results in a footprint that takes up little space (94mm x 39mm). Because it is so small a battery won’t fit. I sell or a power supply that fits perfectly. See the Nano power with 8 outputs.

Remark …. this version is built with standard components like used in all full-size pedals so no SMD as used in many other mini pedals!!!

3 reviews for Mini Tube Screamer

  1. Spyridon

    Awesome little device. Truly to the bone to that classic bluesy sound. I highly recommend it! If you are in search of the SRV or any other to the edge Bluesman feel, get that lil’ ol tube screamer and place it in front of your pedals no matter how expensive they are. You just gonna get a recording pro quality sound!

    Communication with Steven is smooth. Very pleased customer!

  2. Graham

    Fabulous little tube screamer with a throaty, powerful bluesy driver. It has the tone and quality of a pedal 4 times the price: Love it
    So glad I found this site. I’ll be buying more

  3. Tom

    I needed a TS type pedal and it needed to be quality. Preferrably compact too and as cheap as possible.

    I heard this site only sells quality stuff so I gave it a go. I had to buy something else here, anyway…

    I am absolutely pleased with this little thing. Yes it does TS and it does it like it should, no compromises. Like the other reviewer stated, tone and quality of a pedal 4 times it’s price. Hell yeah!

    So I am happy. Thanks.

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