Mini SuperRat


The SuperRAT effects were very popular in the 80s because of their fat but till transparent sound. The SuperRAT is the favourite pedal of Jeff Beck. Just listen to the song “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers”. There you hear that fat but transparent sound very well.
In this SuperRAT is an additional switch. This toggles between Vintage and Turbo. So many possibilities combined in one pedal.
And of course real true bypass.
This is the mini version. Same components as its big brother (so also the LM308N Chip) but compact build. This results in a footprint that takes up little space (94mm x 39mm). Because it is so small a battery won’t fit. I sell or a power supply that fits perfectly. See the Nano power with 8 outputs.

Remark …. this version is built with standard components like used in all full-size pedals so no SMD as used in many other mini pedals!!!


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