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For many guitarists the OCD pedal is the best overdrive ever made. Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) always uses an OCD overdrive. This clone has the same tone but then for a different price.
This OCD gives you that good solid rock sound often used to set the base sound of your music. Can be used for solos as well although often a Tube Screamer style pedal is thrown in. It reacts very well to the potentiometer of your guitar. It is easy to roll in or out some extra gain while plying.
The LP/HP switch is for Low Peak / High Peak. LP sounds a bit more smooth while HP has a bit more bite. Try it and you will hear the difference.
This is the mini version. Same components as its big brother but compact build. This results in a footprint that takes up little space (94mm x 39mm). Because it is so small a battery won’t fit. I sell or a power supply that fits perfectly. See the Nano power with 8 outputs.
Remark …. this version is built with standard components like used in all full-size pedals so no SMD as used in many other mini pedals!!!

1 review for Mini OCD

  1. Theo Bernard

    great pedal. don’t be fooled by this scam artist. you can find the exact same pedal from MOSKy for half the price on eBay.

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