Lovepedal Amp Eleven … (clone)

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This pedal makes your guitar sound like it is connected to an overdriven tube amp. With the Lovepedal Amp Eleven (clone) you go from the rawest riffs to the loudest lead sounds. This pedal has bass and tone controls and features an independently enabled bias controlled boost circuit. See here for more info….
For the record…. This is a copy, imitation, clone or whatever you want to call it … .The outside is slightly different but the sound is the same. Is of course no rocket science. These pedals are already on the market for many years so schematics and components are all over the internet.

100% Analog Circuitry
True Bypass Switching
Dimensions: 115mm long x 60mm wide x 30mm high
Power: 9VDC, center negative

2 reviews for Lovepedal Amp Eleven … (clone)

  1. Holly Rieber

    Sure a nice pedal that works similar to the Orginal. But here the same
    fault as other pedals have. Why are the input and output so nearby?

  2. Johannes

    sounds good, but as the other comment, the in, out and power jacks are too close to each other

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