Little Green Wonder … (Clone)

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The Little Green Wonder is based on the TS-808 from Maxon. Gives a wonderful overdrive your to tube amp. Where other overdrive pedals often add a good dose of compression to the signal the compression at the Little Green Wonder is kept low. This ensures that he also fine to use in combination with guitars equipped with a humbucker because they already have a more compressed sound.
The intelligence of this pedal is in the body-button with which you define the frequency of the distortion. Left of center, the bass and lower midrange frequencies emphasized while the trebles get a slight boost.
So this is not the original pedal but a clone. Same circuit and components but a better price.
And of course real true bypass.

1 review for Little Green Wonder … (Clone)

  1. Paul Stevens (verified owner)

    Once again a truly excellent clone of the original pedal.
    Full and detailed sound, with a great array of tone sculpture.
    Great quality ant a staggeringly cheap price.

    Thanks again Steven.

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