Klon Centaur mini


The Klon Centaur has been the standard for all overdrive pedals since 1995. There are several stories about the development of this pedal, but it is certain that this pedal resembles nothing that has been made before. This is also noticeable in this mini version. The Gain is so subtle that it actually just starts as a boost. Very slowly you turn some overdrive in it. If you open the Gain even more then it can just scream like an 808 can.
Is the same as the larger pedal I sell. With that ad is a link to a review. This mini has the same components and sounds 100% the same as its bigger brother.
This mini version has as an extra a voice switch that gives a mid boost.
Because of the unusual electrical circuit with the charge pump and the specific component choice it is really something special.

Compact size
100% Analog Circuitry
True Bypass
Dimensions: 94mm long x 39mm wide x 32mm high
Power: 9VDC, center negative