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Just to be clear … this is a new pedal created pedal in the style of the iconic Klon Centaur. The original Klon Centaur is no longer made. There were only something like 5000 made and they are now second hand offered on Ebay for very high prices. Prices of €1000 and higher are no exception.
Does not need much explanation. This is the norm for all overdrive pedals since 1995. There are many stories related to the development of this pedal but it is for sure that there is no pedal even close to what this is. The gain is so subtle to control…….it basically begins as boost. When you turn it slowly to the right you get some overdrive. Turn the gain even more open than he can scream like an 808 can.
Treble has more range as usual but remains very musical.
Check this YouTube review……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ-RGaKIkfA&feature=youtu.be
Due to the unusual electrical circuit with the charge pump and the specific components it is really something special. In the last pictures you see the germanium diodes that are important for the Klon sound.
And of course real true bypass.
Power: 9VDC, center negative

15 reviews for Klon Centaur … (Clone)

  1. Freddie Vervaet

    Hi, I’m Lefty Freddie, and I ordered a clone Klon Centaur. I was wandering how this pedal would sound, how it was build. So to my surprise this pedals is all they say about it on youtube. Just sound great…!!!
    I own several amps such as: Dr.Z maz18 (el84), Orange AD30TC (el84), a Genz -Benz black pearl 30 (el84) and a custombuild Fredman (based on a Marshall
    JTM45)(with 6L6)
    I owned a 1000 pedals, I’m playing over 40 years, and this pedal caught me by surprise.
    On all of these amps, it was sound, ballsy, transparant, just great to become a meaty overdriven sound. I’m using the Klon with low gain, and higher output
    to “hit” the preamp section of the amp. I was afraid to get a “grainy” sound especially on the el84 amps, but no…..
    This pedal is a very,very,very good one. Also stacked with for instance a cheapo SD1 , or a BD2, you’ll get an amazing leadsound.
    Thanks Steven, for selling me this pedal, surely I’ll buy more stuff from you.
    The musiciansworld is rather small, but soon a lot of guitarplayer will hear this Centaur clone.
    Thanks Steven, you’ll be hearing from me soon.

  2. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Mooi pedaal. Klinkt goed. Tevens topservice.

  3. BurvenichPatrick (verified owner)

    Geweldig goede pedaal. Zeer snelle en goede service. Een aanrader, en dat voor die prijs.

  4. Ahmet A (verified owner)

    Purchased it yesterday, got it today is like how it felt when i bought this pedal. Fast transaction, thanks again. I think there is no need to tell something on the pedal itself. Of course it is not 100% Klon, but how could any clone be 100% of the original. But what the Klon does is open your tone exactly like the original. Giving unknown depth and openness to the tone. It is really good at what it does. Honestly, I was expecting less but this one exceeded it by far.
    Thanks again Steven, wish you the best, cheers!

  5. Kurt

    Ik kreeg dit pedaal deze middag geleverd en ik ben bijzonder aangenaam verrast. De veelzijdigheid is geweldig, van bijna clean boost tot zware oversturing. Mijn Strat zingt nu echt en ik haal overtonen eruit die voorheen niet mogelijk waren. Top-pedaal Steven!
    PS: en ook bedankt voor de ultrasnelle levering.

  6. Willem Eekhof (verified owner)

    Dit pedaal aangeschaft n.a.v een tip van Steven.
    Voldoet volledig aan de verwachtingen.
    Nette levering en communicatie.

  7. Willem Eekhof (verified owner)

    Aanvullend op bovenstaande beoordeling.
    Vorige week het pedaal voor het eerst live gebruikt.
    Het is werkelijk een heerlijk pedaal met een eenvoudig aanpasbaar geluid.
    Ik heb hem zelfs vaak de hele tijd aanstaan. Het is ook een prima ‘booster’ voor de distortion pedalen die erna komen.
    Absolute aanrader.
    Goede tip Steven!

  8. Lou (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this pedal because needed something good quality, affordable and efficient that could fit my pedalboard during a tour, and I’ve found this clone.
    I often use it when comping, with a Gibson 135 (P90) and it has a nice fat and aggressive tone. And if you want something brighter, just put the treble knob all the way up. I kept the clone in my pedalboard ever since, and I’m going to record it in a studio as well. Great job guys !

  9. Lukas Schmidtke

    I swapped my Soul Food for this. It is absolute fantastic! I can not compare it to a real one – but there is a good Youtube video doing exactly that ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ-RGaKIkfA ). I actually use a BOSS GE-7 to take out approximately -3dB of 400Hz and -6dB of 800Hz to take out some of the boxiness – and it’s even better! But that’s just me:)

  10. Roland (verified owner)

    purchased my Klon approx 9 month ago. Transaction and shipment performed well. It’s my perfect pedal for classic Gallagher/May sounds in front of a clean matchless-spitfire-clone. Thank you Steve

  11. Tom

    I was looking for a Klon-type pedal and found some comparison videos on Youtube. This one showed up in some of them and I’d say it’s the closest match to the original thing (me hearing no discernable difference other than that which can be ascribed to the guitarists in question). Not only the sound, but also the looks are aesthetically pleasing (being a true clone). I also wanted to stay ahead of the inevitable rush on this pedal once the news goes viral and everyone wants one

    So now I am a proud owner of this Klone and it makes me smile a lot. Isn’t that what it’s all about, in the end? Thanks Steve, well done!

  12. Yari

    Toppedaal met topservice!
    Ik had de pech om net het laatste pedaal te missen waardoor ik iets langer moest wachten. Desondanks is het pedaal nog steeds heel snel geleverd en kon ik telkens met alle vragen die ik had omtrent de levering terecht bij Steven!

  13. NicFranco (verified owner)

    I bought it with the BBpreamp pedal. The Clon is a great Pedal i use it with 6L6 Valve amp and with a EL84 valve amp.
    Stacked with the BB you can have whatever sound you want

  14. Theo Bernard

    thanks Steven, top service, hier koop ik opnieuw, BLA BLA BLA…

    Schrijft ie die reviews zelf of wat?!

  15. Jan v O (verified owner)

    I bought this pedal not knowing what to expect. But I must say after a month of using this pedal I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound. It works very well with other overdrives as well as on its own. And with this pricetag it’s a bang for your buck!

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