DOD 250 overdrive



This is the legendary analog DOD Overdrive Preamp. It has over 40 years of history and experience behind it.
With only two controls, gain (outside) and volume (inside), the Preamp 250 is about as simple as it gets for an overdrive. But if you take the time to find out how interactive these controls are with one another, you can get three different types of effects:
Gain down low, volume past noon for a clean to slightly dirty solo boost.
Gain around noon, volume the same, for a slightly overdriven, gritty tone.
Gain at three o’clock or maxed, volume to taste for a heavier rock tone, which straddles the fuzz spectrum as well.

100% Analog Circuitry
True Bypass Switching
Dimensions: 94mm long x 39mm wide x 32mm high
Power: 9VDC, center negative


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