Crunch Box … (Clone)

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The Crunch Box Distortion is based on the high gain British amp distortion. It captures the huge crunch of a Marshall on steroids. Simple and straightforward, with just Gain, Tone, Volume and an internal Presence control. It is based on a multiple clipping architecture (the signal is clipped 3 times). In the lower gain range, the tone is very punchy and throaty. There are some great classic rock rhythm sounds to be found in there. As the Gain control is wound up, the Crunch Box develops a beautiful singing lead tone. Pinch harmonics are a breeze. The Tone control has a wide sweep with a lot of top end.
So this is not the original pedal but a clone. Same circuit (also the treble conrol on the inside) and components but a better price.
And of course real true bypass.

3 reviews for Crunch Box … (Clone)

  1. Paul Stevens (verified owner)

    Once again a truly amazing clone (even including the internal prescence trimpot)
    Great service great pedal.

    Thanks again Steven

  2. Charles

    fantastic pedal! rich dynamics, full, warm and open sound and cleans up like a dream…

    absolutely loving it!!!

    The last time a pedal felt this good and inspiring was the JHS Angry Charlie… this pedal here plays in the same league.

  3. Johannes

    fantastic pedal! warm, crisp, crunchy, marshall-like. only internal prescence pot should be outside.

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