Cruch Box + Loop + EP Booster + Delay



Like a pedalboard, this combination is also built up from right to left.
Most right a CRUNCH BOX for a real british crunch. This has a gain and level knob but also a bass and treble knob. This gives you an incredible amount of control over your sound.
The next one is a LOOP switch. You can connect each extra pedal to the top of this box via the send and return connection and switch it on / off via this button. So handy.
Then the acclaimed EP BOOSTER. Gives you that extra push for your solos. Gives also some extra body to your sound. There are many guitarists who have him permanently on because it just sounds so good.
Most left and so last in this circuit a DEEP BLUE DELAY. Adds only delay sound to your existing sound and therefore does not colour your sound. This delay is widely praised.

All together, you have a very strong and versatile combination of top pedals in this combination.

True Bypass Switching
Dimensions: 188mm long x 120mm wide x 35mm high
Power: 9VDC, center negative


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