Auto Wah



A small, boutique digital wah pedal. It can produce a wide range of wah effects, from mesmerising, echoing tones to more liquefying vibes. It has a straightforward setup that is easy to use. To control your overall effects output, use a combination of the Cutoff, Shape and Reso pots to dial in your desired settings. There is a Speed dial which is important in allowing you to set the right speed of the wah effect. This is also what enables you to experiment with a range of fascinating, slowed down wah tones which ring out, or more accelerated, water-like wah effects.
The Auto Wah pedal includes a true bypass footswitch which engages the pedal, yet also allows you to store a parameter if you wish to create some interesting sound layers, just hold the switch down and this will activate.

Compact size
100% Analog Circuitry
True Bypass
Dimensions: 94mm long x 39mm wide x 32mm high
Power: 9VDC, centre negative


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