3 Channel True Bypass Switch



We all know that when your running effects pedals that do not have true bypass switching you are losing your tone and gain along the way. When the effect pedal is off – your signal is still going through part of the pedal circuitry. The more effects in your signal chain the more loss of tone and that’s where True Bypass Switching comes in. True Bypass systems can quickly and affordably bring back your tone! Just plug your effect into a true bypass loop (send and return) and use the switch on the looper to send your guitar signal to the effect. When you switch the loop on, the circuit to the effect is active and your effect works as normal, switch the loop off, the circuit bypasses the effect entirely. The perfect solution!
We all spend a small fortune on our guitars and amps, why?… because they have the tone we want. It is logical to keep that tone as it is.
Please be aware that all effect pedals I sell are already true bypass so it is not needed for these pedals so the last picture is only as indication how to connect your non true bypass pedals.
You can easily test yourself to see if your pedals are true bypass (or not). You turn your pedal with the footswitch off and then unplug the power from your pedal. If you sound completely disappears ten you pedal is not true bypass and it will affect your sound even when it is switched “off”.


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