12AU7 Tube Pre-amp / overdrive


This tube preamplifier/overdrive gives you just that wonderful crunch you’re looking for. Not too much but just the warmth of a tube with some bite. Unique in its kind because of the externally accessible tube. You can experiment with different tubes at your own discretion. There are many replacements to be found, all with their own sound.
Shuguang’s 12AU7 is included. The tubes of Shuguang are widely used in guitar amps so a solid choice. The 12AX7 (ECC83) is for example a nice replacement, gives less amplification but more drive. The sound can be adjusted to your own needs.

Adjustable is volume, tone and gain.
True-bypass switch.
Power supply 12-15 VDC/VAC is included with this pedal.
Dimensions black housing: 135mm long x 72mm wide x 25mm high


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